Face the Ace Hits the Airways as a Big Hit

Date: August 4, 2009

Full Tilt Poker has hit the airways and the new show would seem to be a rather large success.  Face the Ace hit television sets across the world this weekend and has already added $40,000 to one players bankroll and another will be going for $1,000,000 next weekend.  Are these set ups to get ratings or have three professionals actually lost to these amateurs?

This ticket was one of the most sought after in recent times.  Full Tilt ran freeroll after freeroll for their players that allowed them to win entries into their main event for this show.  In most cases, individuals had to cash in their player points to enter the various satellites and then finish in the top couple of positions in order to get to the final event.

Now they are all seeing the fruits of their labor and by the early results, the wait was well worth it.  The first player to hit the felt has the dubious honor of going up against Phil Ivey.  With the performance that he had in the WSOP, it would have seemed as though Jonathan Nygaard would be easy work for him.  Not so fast, Nygaard pulled a huge upset and managed to get Ivey on with a weak Ace.  The board blanked and Nygaard decided to walk with the $40k instead of risking it.

The next player, Topel, has a bit more gamble in him.  His first round draw was not much better than Nygaard’s in that he drew Erick Lindgren.  Once again though, the pro came up short and he actually made fairly quick work of him.  The $40k payday was not enough for him though and he drew another card and when the door opened up, Howard Lederer was standing behind it.

While Lederer is far from a slouch, he has not exactly been tearing up the poker tables lately and that trend would continue as Topel managed to get just about every chip in plan in the middle of the table pre-flop with KK against Lederer’s AQ.  The flop gave Lederer an inside straight draw, but one of the last two kings never hit the felt and Lederer was left with virtually no chips at all.

For his victory, Topel was given the option of taking down a payday of $200,000, about 5 times his annual salary, or risk walking away with nothing and go for the $1,000,000 match.  He put the $200,000 back in the vault and will now risk it all against an as of yet unknown player on August 8th.  Half of you wants to smack him upside his head and the other half wants to pat him on his back and wish him the best.

This show is even further proof that ‘amateur’s are on a much even par with pro’s than people think. While you would expect a player to get lucky every now and again, to have 3 consecutive pro’s fall to amateurs in consecutive matches was probably not part of the game plan for Full Tilt.  Not only that, but it also does some damage to the idea that poker is a game of skill.  There simply is not another ‘sport’ that an amateur can have such success against a professional time and again.

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New Hampshire Lottery Customers Blocked Due to UIGEA

Date: January 25, 2009

It has been recently reported that customers that have attempted to purchase lottery tickets online are now having their credit cards rejected. The reason is due to the implementation of the UIGEA. According to the New Hampshire Union Ledger, customers that try to purchase Powerball and Tri-State Megabucks are having their cards declined for the purchase.

Rick Wisler, the NH State Lottery Executive Director, stated, “We could end up losing some significant revenue from this. It can amount to a million dollars a year or more to the Lottery if credit cards are not allowed.” He also stated that they were “caught in the cross-hairs of over-regulation.”

The UIGEA went into effect officially on January 19th of this year. Many banks are chosing to block any transaction that is coded as gambling in order to save any headache regarding the UIGEA. Lotteries are supposed to be exempt from the policy, but as in the case of the NH lottery, this does not appear to be the case.

The UIGEA is supposed to put restrictions on banks and financial institutions regarding various forms of gambling. Poker lobbyists are trying to get poker an exemption like the one that state lotteries have received.

Many websites have dropped out of the US market due to the UIGEA regulations. Other sites such as PokerStars.com and Full Tilt Poker have continued operations.

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TiltWare LLC Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit From Clonie Gowen

Date: January 19, 2009

Clonie GowenTiltware, LLC. has filed a motion to have a lawsuit filed by Clonie Gowen against Full Tilt Poker dismissed. They claim that she has wrongfully named several top named professional poker players as defendants in the suit. Gowen filed suit against, Full Tilt Poker and against 13 players including Howard Lederer, Erik Seidel, Andy Bloch, and Phil Ivey. The motion claims that her reasoning behind naming the players was a litigation strategy and a publicity stunt.

The motion also states that even if she has a complaint, it would be a simple breach of oral contract and that it does not involve the 13 players she has named in the suit. The motion also states that due to the 13 players not having a part in the alleged contract, the suit should be dismissed.

The motion states that there was no financial relationship between Gowen and the Full Tilt Pros and that her suit is a litigation tactic. Also, they state that since her damages are so large, that the amount should be enough to compensate her and that there is not other wrongful behavior where she could receive additional damages.

Furthermore, since this appears to at most a breach of contract case, it cannot be brought against all the Full Tilt Pro’s individually. They argue that she needs to rework her suit to exclude the Pro’s and to narrow the focus of her suit.

Her attorneys have 30 days to oppose the motion or to file an amended complaint.

Gowen is seeking $40 Million in damages against Full Tilt, which would represent the 1% share in the company that she is claiming to have been promised as a result of her representing the company on TV and online.

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