PokerStars Players to No Longer Appear on Poker After Dark

January 24, 2009

If you want to see your favorite PokerStars pro in action, don’t bother to watch Poker After Dark. PokerStars has recently told their sponsored players that their players can no longer play on the NBC hit show. The main reason behind the decision is the way that the show is marketed internationally. Full Tilt Poker underwrites the show and the program is heavily marketed as a Full Tilt product.

WickedChops Poker released contents on an email they received. It stated, “While U.S. American broadcasts aren’t overtly distinguishable as a Full Tilt production, foreign markets receive a more branded version of the program.”

William Hill Poker

This will affect some of the players that have played on the show in the past. Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Greg Raymer, Chris Moneymaker, Joseph Hachem, and Peter Eastgate are all sponsored players by PokerStars. This ban also extends to the celebrity players as well, so don’t expect to see Jason Alexander or Orel Hersheiser on the show.

Poker After Dark is NBC’s hit show where players put up 20,000 in a winner takes all shootout tournament. The format has changed some over the last couple of years and more cash games and alternate formats such as heads-up play are also now incorporated. The show airs six times a week. The tournament or cash game is played Monday through Friday and Saturday is a “Director’s Cut” of the show with player interviews and highlights.

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